World Fisheries Cooperator Prize




  • ICFO established June 16 as a “World Fisheries Cooperative Day” with the unanimous agreement of the participants at the ICFO annual meeting in Beijing, China in 2010 to promote the cooperative movement around the world.
  • Since then two anniversaries were held in Seoul, Korea in 2011 and Da Nang, Vietnam in 2012. Cooperators had chances to share their expertise and experiences at those events. The ICFO also presented the World Fisheries Cooperator Prizes to fisheries cooperators who have made the greatest contributions to cooperatives.
  • This year, the ICFO is going to hold the 3rd World Fisheries Cooperative Day in Surabaya.
  • In this connection, the ICFO is seeking for a candidate for the prize no later than 3 April, 2013. It is requested to submit a Recommendation, Contribution Report and card-sized photo (or JPG file).
  • A winner will receive a medal and USD 5,000 on 17 June in Surabaya, Indonesia.
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