November 13-19 2017 ICA/ICFO General Assembly, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 14-19 ICA AP Regional Assembly, New Delhi, India
November 10-13 ICA Global Conference and General Assembly, Antalya, Turkey
September 15-20 ICA AP Regional Assembly, Bali, Indonesia
June 16 The 4th World Fisheries Cooperative Day, Seoul, Korea
November 1-6 ICA/ICFO General Assembly, Cape Town, South Africa
August 28 The 3rd KNFC International Fisheries Symposium
June 15-20 The 3rd World Fisheries Cooperative Day, Surabaya, Indonesia
February 27-29 The 9th Asia-Pacific Cooperative Ministers' Conference
June 15-16 The 2nd World Fisheries Cooperative Day, Da Nang, Vietnam
October 30-2 ICA Extraordinary General Assembly, Manchester, England
November 26-30 ICA AP Regional Assembly, Kobe, Japan
November 13-19 ICA General Assembly, Cancun, Mexico
June 16 The 1st World Fisheries Cooperative Day, Seoul, Korea
December 8-10 ICA Expo 2010, Bangalore, India
September 1-5 9th Meeting of ICA AP Regional Assembly, Beijing, China
September 2010 ICFO General Meeting, Beijing, China
June 15- 18 International Symposium on Fisheries Cooperatives held by ICFO, NFFC, Seoul, Korea
November 19-20 ICA General Assembly at CICG, Geneva, Switzerland
November 16 2009 ICFO General Meeting at CICG, Geneva, Switzerland
December 5 8th Meeting of ICA AP Regional Assembly, Hanoi, Vietnam
December 1 2008 ICFO General Meeting at Melia Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam
October 23-25 ICA Expo : World Co-operative Trade Fair and Exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal
June 5-6 ICA Special General Assembly, Rome, Italy